Technical Publications for PENDOLINO ALLEGRO train

Sm6 or "Pendolino Allegro"

The SM6 or "Pendolino Allegro" is a train that runs along the high-speed line that it connects the Russian cultural capital St. Petersburg with the Finnish capital Helsinki. The train travels a distance of 443km in 3 hours and 36 minutes and is currently composed of 7 cars: 2 business class cars and 5 economy class cars with a bar in the center car.

Final Customer: Alstom

Project: Technical Publications

Description: Z Lab produced Technical Publications, as Technical Manual and Spare Parts Catalogue Spare Parts for the following Sm6 systems: Bodyshell, Automatic and Semipermanent Coupler, Coupler, Bogie, Pneumatic and Brake, HV/MV/LV, Command and Control, Traction Motor, Toilet, Seat, Interiors, Caterings Bar, External Doors, Internal Doors, Power Package, Emergency and Recovery.

The technical manual describe in detail the maintenance operation. The Spare Parts Catalogue is un important support tool for the maintainer because it allow to locale immediately any maintenance component.

The Technical Publications and Spare Parts Catalogue Spare Parts are in according to Alstom Standards.