Building acoustics norms dictate a minimum level of sound insulation for new buildings and for restoration of existing buildings.

These parameters are often perceived as a major constraint from both the architectural (regarding the designer) and the economic points of view, regarding the Customer or the Construction Company.

Actually, raising a new building whose partitions have a good SRI (Sound Reduction Index), costs only 2% more than a conventional one (including costs of acoustic design, in-field consulting and final acoustic testing).

Thanks to the know-how of our acoustic engineers and techs, and thanks to the tests we can run in our Acoustic and Thermal Laboratory, we are able to provide to designers a wide range of systems and materials, innovative both in performance and design, also developed specifically on the needs of our Customers.

We support engineers and construction companies with the acoustic design of buildings, conference rooms and listening rooms; we design theaters, auditoriums and recording studios. We also operate to improve the acoustic quality in places where live music is performed, as well as restaurants and meeting rooms.

Our consulting service begins from the pre-operational calculation of acoustic performances, it continues during the installation of the products designed and agreed with our clients, to the final in-field tests. In addition, to ensure that the system performance complies with the initial project (as stated by data sheets or verified in our Laboratory), it is our policy to carry out, if necessary, transmission loss tests during construction.