Choosing a restaurant is generally based on the possibility to rely on good food and often also on the aesthetics of a place that recalls our interests.

In both cases, we will certainly looking for a right comfort that, regardless of whether you are in pairs or groups, it ensures a pleasant conversation at the table.

Often upon entering in a restaurant you have a nagging feeling of confusion and noise, as a closed environment behaves in first approximation as a large resonance chamber (such as the piano or violin) and its bare walls, as mirrors for sound waves, create many reflections that amplify the original sound.

In Italy, this phenomenon is quite common because very little attention is paid to the acoustic treatment of the interior spaces, while great attention is placed on the aesthetic side, part no doubt to take care of, but that should not lead us to overlook the livability and then the acoustic quality of space, because better is the acoustics of the space, better is the well-being of the people inside, better is the efficiency of the service offered and greater is the satisfaction of the users.

In the age of internet is now very easy to understand how this need is real, thanks to the various websites that collecting opinions on the various places visited by local surfers; they represent a powerful tool because beyond the official information provided by the caterer, the glossy images, the brochures (until recently only element of assessment available to the consumer) they bring to the table the "hidden truths" even of the most famous restaurant.

In designing an environment acoustic quality must be taken in consideration, also and above all according to what said above. This is why in order to optimize costs and energy, you may want to think about the acoustics in the design phase of the environment.

However Z Lab has the advantage to offer a number of solutions for room acoustic correction already made ​​by placing a particular emphasis on reconciling the sound with the aesthetic of the room not altering the quality, staying in tune with the surrounding environment and with the type of cooking that characterizes the environment!