The Acoustics Laboratory certifies the sound insulation materials used for walls and ceilings, doors and windows, raised floors and false ceilings of producers in the world building.

In the Industrial world, Z Lab certifies the characteristics of sound insulation systems or industrial products, which must certify a sound insulation, as well as manufacturers of furniture rail and air, windows and doors or just train the containment of industrial products.

The knowledge that are increasingly in demand in opera performance of the product, led to the creation of an Acoustics Laboratory that was as close as possible to the conditions of the site.

For this reason Z Lab provides its Customers a chamber walls with openings ranging from 12 m2 and with wide access to the test chambers for tests, according to EN ISO 10140-2, and a room floors for the test according to UNI EN ISO 10140-3 12 m2 with floor - situ and removable by crane. This allows Z Lab to perform the test as close as possible to those that will be the testing of passive acoustic requirements, and it is a useful tool for research and development of its products at really affordable price.

In particular, the new and innovative chamber walls, is the first in Italy and among the first in Europe, ahead of new regulatory compliance which are not yet in force, to make measurements of sound insulation that can start from 50 Hz .